10 Foods That Make You Hungry


Eating when you are hungry is very normal. Nevertheless, there are some types of foods that you could be consuming so as to tackle your hunger that are actually making you more hungry. Foods that have high glycaemic index are usually digested very quickly and they also improve your blood sugar levels thus leaving you feeling more hungry and actually eating more than what you usually eat.

Below are some of the foods that you have to avoid if you want to want to fend off hunger pangs:

1. Salty snacks

Snacks such as salt and vinegar chips are very unhealthy. Besides, they can make you to crave for more food so as to gratify your hunger.

It is common to have a desire for sweet treat immediately after consuming a salty snack because the effortlessly digested carbohydrates that are present in the snacks are linked in your mind to sweet foods.

If you eat salty treats you will still have the desire for something sweet, therefore, you should always remember this when you are indulging in chips and also make sure that you keep your consumption to a minimum.

2. Milk chocolate

The variety of Chocolate determines whether it is good for you or not. Although Milk chocolate contains certain healthy antioxidants that are known as polyphenols from cocoa butter, it is generally made of sugar. 1 1/2 ounce can pack in 22g—which is equal to around 6 teaspoons of the sweet testing stuff. Eating milk chocolate as well as sugar will greatly increase your cravings for sugar. The best option is dark chocolate, since it contains small amount of sugar and it is also somewhat satisfying.

3. Potato Chips, Crackers, and Bread

 Chips that are made from potatoes are a typical “processed carb.” crackers, wheat or white breads as well as other snack foods that are made using grains are also typical “processed carbs. Immediately you consume refined carbohydrates, your blood sugar levels will increase. As a result, your body will react to this by releasing a huge amount of insulin in order to stabilize your blood sugar levels. The excessive insulin drives the blood sugar (the energy that’s derived from food by your body) into “storage,”. Since the energy will be locked away, your desire for food will come back strongly.

4. Fast food

Forget about excessive carbs, fat as well as sugar. The constituents of the brown takeaway bag that’s used to wrap fast foods can also make you to eat more. The sugar that comes from burger buns and toppings causes a sugar spike thus resulting to hunger. Besides, the high amount of salt that’s in French fries can also cause dehydration, which is usually misguided for hunger.

This combination may tempt you to order seconds or even get a larger serving, therefore it is better if you avoid fast foods.

5. Granola Bars

Packed granola bars are simply disguised candy bars. Granola bars contain refined sugars, milk chocolate as well as shelf-stabilizing preservatives that will make you hungrier than you were before eating the bars. Alternatively, you can make your own trail mix using everything that you want to fill up: dates for fiber, nuts for protein and healthy fats, and dark chocolate for a healthy indulgence.

6. Cereals

7. Artificial Sweeteners

For many years, we have been deceived by cereal commercials that made us to believe that a healthy breakfast is made up of a bowl of refined carbohydrates. You can use cereals to make a dessert or a light snack. Nevertheless, you should not use cereals as your breakfast since you will be hungrier by mid-morning.

If there is no health problem that requires you to consume artificial sweeteners, you should avoid them. The sweetness makes your body to think that it has been given calories when it really has not. Definitely, this does not last for long and your body will soon require food. Reduce your consumption of added sugar in drinks gradually till you can be able to endure none at all. Besides, you can also use a natural version such as maple syrup or honey.

8. Cookies, Cake, and Sweets

Sugar (organic honey or white table sugar) usually activates the brain’s reward as well as appetite pathways differently as compared to other energy sources, this is according to a research by Yale University School of Medicine.

Your brain’s hypothalamus, thalamus as well as insula (areas that make you to eat) usually tend to relax immediately after have consumed food. However, when you consume sweet treats such as cakes, the areas remain active. As a result, your mind tells your body that you are not full and you end up feeling very hungry.

9. Low-Fiber Foods

Most of the foodstuffs that make you to feel hungry immediately after you’ve eaten are usually over refined, processed or even stripped of the advantages of fiber. Fiber is very important since it slows down the rate at which the foods that you eat are absorbed from the stomach to the bloodstream. If foods contain low fiber or if they are fiber-less, they quickly travel from the stomach to your blood stream thus causing blood insulin spike. Insulin is usually released to start the process of digestion and also to remove the excessive sugars from the blood stream. Therefore, consuming foods that accelerate insulin response make us hungrier than before.

10. Sushi rolls

You may intend to consume good-for-you fish, but you end up eating more rice than any other thing, this is according to dietitian Susan M. Kleiner, RD, PhD, a scientific researcher with USANA Health Sciences. For Instance: the California roll contains more than 30 grams of carbohydrates, it is like eating 3 slices of white bread. If you do not eat any other food, sushi rolls are usually digested and emptied from the stomach very fast thus leaving you feeling more hungry than before


The above listed foods usually make you hungry immediately after you consume them. Therefore it is better if you reduce your intake of the foods or if you totally avoid them. Moreover, the above listed foods should be avoided since they can also cause major health problems.