Asian Recipes

Got a craving for Asian food? Browse our Asian recipes section, and let’s community of food bloggers show you delectable dishes from several Asian cuisines: Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Korean, Polynesian and more.

Here you’ll find traditional Asian food favorites, including sweet and sour chicken, soba noodles with stir-fried veggies, bok choy spring rolls, potsticker recipes, yakitori, dumplings, General Tso’s chicken, sashimi, fried rice, meat and chicken stir-fry recipes, shrimp stir-fries, teriyaki chicken and beef recipes, miso soup and egg drop soup recipes, recipes for anything you ever wanted covered in sweet and sour sauce, and more. If you’ve ever had a dish in an Asian restaurant and wanted to try making it at home, chances are good that you’ll find it here.

But you’ll also find things you may never have heard of, like sweet potato and lemongrass gyozas, chocolate marble Asian bread and Korean-style beef tacos. On the lighter side, there are plenty of Asian-inspired lettuce wraps, soups and salads – but if you want something deliciously fried, like wontons and egg rolls, there are plenty of recipes to suit your cravings. And of course there are Asian dipping sauce recipes to complement those fried goodies!’s food bloggers have even come up with fascinating “fusion” recipes, like a spicy Korean hamburger, baked apple pie egg rolls, wasabi guacamole, spicy Asian sloppy Joes, cilantro chili tofu, or a Japanese quiche. There are also several “crossover” style recipes that incorporate Indian cooking styles and spices. So if you’re in the mood to try something unusual and exotic, it’s all here!

Asian food covers a range of cuisines that can be healthy and light, or deep-fried and deeply satisfying. Whatever your craving may be, browse our Asian recipes and we’re sure you’ll find something that satisfies. Just looking at the gorgeous photos of these Asian delights is sure to get you inspired in no time.

And if you have your own food blog and want to submit a recipe (or several) to our community of fellow foodies, please do!

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