Back to School Recipes

When the kids and their teachers go back to school, it can be hectic to switch from the easygoing summer schedule (or lack thereof) to a rigid schedule of getting up early and getting used to homework again! Make the “back to school” transition a little easier with these delicious back to school recipes.

Easy dinners are the order of the day until everyone gets used to the school year schedule again. Try all-in-one dinners such as chicken pot pie, a hearty dish which also goes beautifully with cooler fall weather. Or try something a little different, like kung pao tacos, homemade falafel wraps, or crockpot Korean rib tacos – a back to school recipe which has the added benefit of being cooked in the crockpot or slow cooker, so it’s ready and waiting when you get home. And for a back to school side dish everyone will love, try bacon pimento macaroni and cheese!

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Disgruntled kids getting used to their new schedule also appreciate some comfort food that’s obviously made with love. Try adding recipes like mini corn dogs, ham and egg grilled cheese sandwiches, and other kid-pleasing favorites to your back to school menu. To start the school days off right, we have recipes for yogurt French toast and eggnog waffles.

And if you really want to spoil the students in your life, try preparing some of our special back to school dessert recipes such as the amazing Spiderman cake, M&M cookies and peppermint patty cookies!

All of our back to school recipes (along with the mouthwatering photos of the finished dishes and desserts) come straight from your fellow foodies and food bloggers. At, we’re committed to sharing our love of good food with food lovers all over the Internet.

Speaking of sharing, do you have a food blog and want to submit a recipe of your own – or a whole bunch – to our website? As foodies who can’t get enough of recipe-reading and gorgeous food pics, we’d love to see your recipes and let them inspire our community of serious foodies!

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