Beef Recipes

Is there anything that satisfies as much as a well-prepared beef dish? We’re not sure, but if you’re looking for something satisfying, our beef recipes section is a fantastic place to start.’s community of dedicated and talented food bloggers present you with every kind of beef dish you could imagine – and some you probably would never have thought of at all.

If it’s a burger you want, why stop at a plain old patty with ketchup and mustard when you can try a bruschetta burger recipe, a cabernet burger with bleu cheese recipe, or a tomato avocado burger that uses the tomato as the bun? There are ground beef recipes here that even liven up good old meatloaf: Just take a look at our recipes for Moroccan meatloaf, bacon chipotle meatloaf, Italian bacon wrapped meatloaf sliders, pizza meatloaf and more.

If you’re in the mood for steak, the foodie community doesn’t disappoint. We have recipes for shirt rib cheesesteak subs, wine-marinated steaks with parsley-garlic butter, Creole Salisbury steak with mushroom gravy, Brazilian grilled flank steak and many more steak recipes from a variety of cultures and cuisines. (Hungry yet?)

Try recipes for something slow-cooked and satisfying, like a hearty beef and vegetable stew, a slow cooked Indian beef curry, or crockpot Italian beef sandwiches. Learn to make the perfect Paleo burger, cheesy beef and mushroom zucchini boats, a sweet and savory pastrami salad for that post-workout meal, or IKEA-style Swedish meatballs. Or choose a light and tender beef and broccoli stir-fry that fills you and tastes great without overdoing it!

Beef is an incredibly versatile ingredient that can be used in many ways, and in many forms – from sausage to steak to ground beef. So browse our beef recipe pages and find out what’s for dinner (or breakfast, or your after-workout snack).

We always welcome new submissions from talented foodies. If you have your own food blog and want to submit a recipe (or several) to our community of fellow foodies, please do! Just hit Submit Content to tell us all about your blog and join the foodie fun.

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