Chicken Recipes

Can you ever really have enough chicken recipes? Chicken is one of the most versatile ingredients to work with, and so easy to build a meal around. From Jamaican jerk chicken with mango salsa to Indian chicken biryani to grilled teriyaki chicken, has so many chicken recipes that you’ll be busy for a while – so you might as well go ahead and stock your freezer with chicken.

There are plenty of healthy chicken recipes, like cilantro-lime chicken with avocado salsa or Asian chopped chicken salad with ginger peanut dressing. There are less healthy but extremely satisfying chicken recipes, like hot wings, fried chicken (either by itself or in fried chicken and waffle sandwiches!), sweet and spicy bacon wrapped chicken and so many more. And since chicken broth is the base for so many soups, you’ll find plenty of variations on chicken soup.

Even if you have several old favorite chicken recipes in your recipe box, there’s always something new to try. How about chicken pizza, chicken a la king, chicken and artichoke ravioli, or Thai coconut and velvet chicken soup?

And you’ll love our many easy chicken recipes from several cuisines that make it simple to be adventurous in the kitchen. For instance, has recipes for easy Indian lemon chicken, Chinese chicken fried rice, chicken yakitori, chicken fajitas, and many recipes for grilled, baked or crockpot/slow-cooked chicken.

You might already serve chicken a couple times a week, but there’s no reason to make the same chicken dishes all the time when you have so many wonderful chicken recipes to choose from on Roasted, baked, grilled, deep-fried or stir-fried – there’s a chicken main dish or side dish for every taste in our chicken recipes section!

All of our recipes and the gorgeous photos that accompany them come from your fellow food lovers and food bloggers. Are you also a foodie with your own food blog? Want to submit a recipe (or several) to Please do! Just hit Submit Content to tell us all about your blog and join our community of serious foodies.

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