Drink Recipes

From breakfast smoothies to margaritas, RecipeChart.com has plenty of drink recipes to take you from your morning coffee (perhaps the perfect iced coffee?) to an evening dinner party. Try mixing up some of these beverage recipes and get ready for something refreshingly different.

For breakfast, there are several healthy options – such as the cherry and peach oatmeal smoothie, island berry smoothie, papaya orange juice, strawberries and cream oatmeal smoothie, mango milkshake, avocado and pineapple frappe, sweet mint lassi, protein smoothies, the “bee energized” smoothie or a banana coconut smoothie. And those are just a few of the many smoothie and shake recipes you can browse in our drink recipes section.

For a nice change of pace and an easy way to impress guests, how about serving some unique party drinks at your next get-together? Anyone can pop open a bottle of wine or champagne. You can make much more of an impression with some of our mixed drink recipes! Blue vodka lemonade will certainly get noticed (and enjoyed), as will a lemon martini or any of our other fancy mixed drinks.

Our beverage recipes section also features Bloody Mary recipes, sangria recipes, martini recipes, margarita recipes and more. Or perhaps you’d like to try something light and refreshing, such as a strawberry, ginger and champagne spritzer. And we have a Shirley Temple recipe that’s bound to take you back to your childhood!

And you can serve yummy drinks for dessert as well – with recipes like light cookie frap, pumpkin pie smoothie, cappuccino chocolate mousse, malted hot chocolate or creamy Nutella coffee. Or homemade eggnog for holiday gatherings – who needs cake or pie when you have dessert drink recipes like these?

All of our delicious drink recipes and the lovely photos that accompany them come from your fellow food lovers and food bloggers. If you are also a foodie with your own food blog and you want to submit one of your recipes (or a whole lot of them) to RecipeChart.com, please do! Just hit Submit Content to tell us all about your blog and take the first step to joining our community of serious foodies.

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