Easter Recipes

Whether you’re planning an Easter meal or get-together for family and friends, or bringing a dish to someone else’s Easter dinner, you know that it’s important to have the old favorite recipes for the sake of tradition (and we all know that years of memories make our favorite holiday meals even more delicious). But if you’re an adventurous foodie, you probably also want to try some new and exciting recipes at your Easter feast. May we suggest some of our favorite Easter recipes?

Your Easter meal probably includes a honey baked ham or some equally traditional main dish (unless you’re vegan or vegetarian), and that traditional centerpiece is probably expected. Liven up your Easter table with salads and sauces, such as a brightly-colored kale, edamame and quinoa salad, a zucchini green bean salad, or cranberry quince sauce.

For a side dish that’s definitely different but still within the bounds of Easter tradition, try our recipe for bacon pimento macaroni and cheese.

Easter dessert is where you can really be creative. Once the ham is off the table, you can bring out crowd-pleasing desserts for Easter (or anytime) such as mango cheesecake, buche de noel (a jelly roll-style cake with chocolate buttercream frosting), or peppermint patty fudge cookies.

We also have some Easter dessert recipes that are always a big hit with the kids – such as marshmallow cones and M&M cookies! So for Easter recipes that please food lovers of all ages, check out our Easter section as you plan your holiday get-together or potluck. Everyone at your gathering will be glad you did.

All of our Easter recipes (along with the tantalizing photos of the finished dishes and desserts) come straight from your fellow foodies and food bloggers. At RecipeChart.com, we’re committed to sharing our love of good food with food lovers all over the Internet. Got a food blog and you want to submit a recipe (or several) of your own to our website? We’d love to see your recipes and share them with a wider audience of serious foodies! Just hit Submit Content to tell us all about your blog.

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