Gluten Free Recipes

Just because you are on a gluten free or Paleo diet doesn’t mean you have to miss out on some seriously good eating. Check out our gluten free recipe section for main dishes, side dishes, soups, salads, desserts and drinks – and even bread – that are completely gluten free and delicious, too.

We have several meat, chicken and seafood recipes that are perfect for Paleo eaters – such as several kinds of meatballs, grilled chicken, salmon dishes and many more. Sample some easy Cajun chicken or teriyaki shrimp with sweet raisin walnut quinoa, or something a little more unusual like beef and enoki scallion rolls.

A colorful salad is always a fine accompaniment to any meal, gluten-free or not, and we have several salad and gluten-free vegetable side dish recipes for you to sample! Try quinoa salad with honey-jalapeno-lime dressing, or shrimp and watermelon summer salad for a refreshing and unusual flavor combination. Vietnamese noodle salad is a colorful and healthy dish that uses rice noodles in place of pasta for a satisfying but gluten free salad option.

Maybe you’re just in the mood for a snack? Browse our gluten free recipes for snack ideas like caramel popcorn or sweet and crunchy chickpea “nuts.” A yogurt parfait also makes a filling treat in between meals.

And if it’s time for dessert, Paleo people can rejoice! Our food bloggers have contributed a large selection of gluten free dessert recipes that even carb lovers will savor. Try almond spiced donuts with chocolate and coconut, peppermint patty brownies with dark chocolate ganache, or flourless chocolate chip chickpea blondies with sea salt. You won’t miss the wheat in these tasty desserts.

All of our delicious gluten-free recipes and the gorgeous photos that accompany them come from your fellow food lovers and food bloggers. If you are also a foodie with your own food blog and you want to submit one of your recipes (or a whole lot of them) to, please do! Just hit Submit Content to tell us all about your blog and take the first step to joining and contributing to our community of serious foodies.

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