Fall / Halloween Recipes

Are you having a Halloween party, or just want to have something a little more creative to give to the neighbor kids when they come trick or treating? Try some of these Halloween recipes for some spooky but tasty fun.

You’ll enjoy making fun Halloween treats like ghost pretzels, in which melted white chocolate becomes a ghostly (but still yummy) sheet. Cookies n’ cream cupcakes are also a popular and tasty treat any time of year, and are easy to make more Halloween-ish by using Halloween-themed paper cupcake liners.

How about putting your jack-o’-lantern’s innards (or canned pumpkin puree) to good use by making a batch of pumpkin monster cookies for your Halloween celebration? These sweet and lightly spiced cookies feature delicious dark chocolate M&Ms for an extra flavor and color boost.

Or you and your kids can have a blast baking and decorating chocolate chip Monster Cookies, which are regular chocolate chip cookies that you make into crazy monster faces using colored frosting and candy for eyes. That’s not just a fun Halloween recipe – it can also be a Halloween party activity your kids and/or guests will remember!

And our Halloween recipe section also includes a recipe that’s a little less scary: Marshmallow cones, a fun and kid-pleasing dessert that can be decorated for Halloween or any holiday celebration with different colored sprinkles.

Each and every one of our Halloween recipes (as well as the scarily tasty-looking photos of the finished dishes) come straight from your fellow foodies and food bloggers. At RecipeChart.com, we’re committed to sharing our love of good food and great recipes with food lovers all over the Internet.

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