Quick Recipes

Sometimes you just want something quick and easy. Our quick recipes section is where food bloggers can submit those recipes that are tasty, but don’t take hours of kitchen prep to produce great results!

As an example of a quick recipe that’s also oh-so-filling, check out our bacon pimento macaroni and cheese. With sharp cheddar cheese, fried chopped bacon and a few dashes of hot sauce, this is a sassy new take on a traditional dish that will please everyone at the dinner table.

Or how about trying our quick recipe for classic Philly cheesesteak sandwiches? With mushrooms, peppers, onions and thinly-sliced pieces of tender beef steak all sautéed and piled on hoagie buns and topped with provolone cheese, “quick and easy” doesn’t get much tastier than this.

And since many recipes are both quick recipes and also fit another recipe category, be sure to look through the other sections of RecipeChart.com to find more easy recipes that are on the table in a jiffy. Try categories such as vegetarian recipes, chicken recipes, soup recipes and others to find the quick dinner ideas you need.

Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy recipe or a culinary masterpiece to impress your foodie friends, you’ll find it on RecipeChart.com. Each and every one of our delicious recipes – along with the gorgeous, drool-worthy photos of the finished dishes – come straight from our community of food bloggers who have a passion for food and love to share their creations with others. This site is the gathering place for a group of foodies who are committed to sharing great recipes with food lovers all over the Internet, so browse our many recipes and find your next source of kitchen inspiration.

And if you happen to have a food blog, we welcome you to submit a quick and easy recipe of your own – or a whole bunch of recipes of any type, along with photos – to our website! As foodies who can’t get enough of recipe-reading and beautiful food pics, we’d love to see your recipes and let our community of serious food-lovers admire (and salivate over) them. Just hit Submit Content to tell us all about your blog if you want to join the foodie fun!

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