Side Dish Recipes

The foodie community here at realizes that “side dish recipes” covers a lot of territory. That’s why you’ll find so much variety in our side dish recipes section – from jams, hummus, dips and chutneys, to several kinds of salads, to baked beans and meatballs. You could make a whole meal just out of these tantalizing side dishes!

Let’s start with the sauces, dips and salad dressing recipes. Some fresh veggies would go beautifully with creamy feta vegetable dip or herbed hummus.

And then there are the salads: Very berry avocado salad is a colorful choice! We also have recipes for several Caprese (Capri-style) salads and other side dishes that incorporate cubes of fresh mozzarella, such as grilled Caprese potato salad with honey balsamic vinaigrette, Caprese pizza rolls, purple basil Caprese salad, mini Caprese tarts and many more.

And if you’re vegan or fresh mozzarella just isn’t your thing, there are many delicious vegan and vegetarian side dish recipes you’ll want to try: Check out mango salsa, silken tofu with mushroom sauce, or apple avocado salsa with honey lime dressing for a vegan side dish that’s beautiful, healthy and tasty too.

If you or one of your guests needs gluten free side dishes, we have those too. Many of our fruit and vegetable salads and salsas are gluten-free, and you can also try something a bit more filling – like mozzarella stuffed turkey pesto meatballs.

There are plenty of easy side dish recipes here to whip up fast if you end up with more (or hungrier) guests than expected. Try the easy summer veggie salad or a crisp cucumber salad recipe to add color (and more food!) to the menu.

All of our delicious side dish recipes and the gorgeous photos of the finished dishes come from your fellow food lovers and food bloggers. If you are also a foodie with your own food blog and you want to submit your recipes to, please do! Just hit Submit Content to tell us all about your blog and take the first step to joining and contributing to our community of serious foodies. The more the merrier!

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