Soup Recipes

When you say “soup”, some folks think of a red and white can that says Campbell’s. Not real foodies. A real foodie who also loves a good soup makes sure to have several different kinds of soup recipes – from brothy miso soup to creamy chowder to chunky vegetable stew. Let help you expand your soup recipe collection with some amazing soups and stews developed, submitted and beautifully photographed by your fellow foodies!

For a brothy and light soup, try an Asian mixed mushroom, kale and soba noodle soup, the refreshing flavors of chicken soup with lemon and spinach, or the down-home goodness of a simple chicken noodle soup (there’s really nothing like it when you have the sniffles).

And if you like to have a hearty dinner ready and waiting in the crockpot when you come home from work or school, try one of our slow cooker soup recipes – like slow cooker split pea soup, slow cooker navy bean soup, or one of our many vegetable stew recipes (like kale, chorizo and white bean stew) that can be easily adapted for use in the crockpot. Or how about a spicy vegetarian chili? Just add crusty bread and you have a satisfying meal!

Our soup recipes section also has many recipes for creamy soups, like butternut squash soup and butternut apple soup, curried carrot soup, or parsnip and potato soup.

Or if you’re feeling adventurous but still want the “comfort food factor” that soup gives any meal, try a new soup recipe from another cuisine. How about trying a recipe for tom yum pho, Thai coconut and velvet chicken soup, or winter miso soup with pork and potatoes?

There’s a soup for every taste in our soup recipe section. Whether you need gluten free soup recipes, vegan or vegetarian soup recipes, we have dozens of soups that can help you make a satisfying, healthy meal.

All of our soup recipes and the mouthwatering photos of the finished dishes come from fellow foodies and food bloggers. Want to submit a recipe (or several) from your own food blog to Please do! Just hit Submit Content to tell us all about your blog and join our community of serious foodies.

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