Tailgating Recipes

With the crisp fall weather comes football season, and you know what that means – tailgate parties! And tailgate parties mean great party food that’s easy to make, transport and serve. Take a look at some of our tailgating recipes and get inspired for your next tailgate party.

Sandwiches are a popular choice for tailgate parties, giving you and your friends the energy to cheer your team on for hours. Try our tailgating recipes for popular sandwiches like the Philly cheesesteak, or try a more adventurous sandwich recipe – such as salmon burgers with cilantro mayo. We also have a fancier sort of tailgate recipe for New England-style lobster rolls. And though they’re no lobster rolls, our ham-and-egg grilled cheese sandwiches are easy to make and serve, and are always a crowd pleaser.

If you have vegetarians coming to your tailgate party, they’re sure to appreciate tofu sliders with guacamole and root vegetable fries, or homemade falafel wraps!

Tailgating recipes almost always involve finger foods, so try out our popular tailgating recipe for mini corn dogs. We also have a recipe for a unique dish, beer cheese spread, which goes well both with bread and with the beverage of choice at most tailgate parties!

Don’t forget dessert when you’re planning your tailgate party menu: Honey caramel apples are a fabulous fall dessert that will evoke memories of state fairs and fall festivals. Or you can browse our desserts section to find even more cakes, cookies and other tasty treats.

All of our tailgate party recipes (as well as the mouthwatering photos of the finished dishes) come straight from your fellow foodies and food bloggers. At RecipeChart.com, we’re committed to sharing our love of good food with food lovers all over the Internet.

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