Valentine’s Day Recipes

Whether you’re planning a special Valentine’s Day dinner for yourself and your special someone, need a dessert to send in for your kid’s whole class, or just want to bring a yummy Valentine’s Day themed dessert for your friends at the office, the Valentines recipes we have here on won’t disappoint. Our Valentine’s Day section has recipes for all sorts of desserts in the colors of the day – red, white and pink!

Our Valentines recipes include several kinds of Valentines-themed cookies. Try Valentine’s Day sugar cookies with pink frosting and red and white sprinkles, crispy crunch peppermint bark, pink velvet cookies, fun marshmallow cones, or strawberry crumble bars for flavorful treats that use the distinctive colors of Valentine’s Day.

Or you could just make fudge from our Valentine’s fudge recipe and package it in a Valentine’s Day themed container, because seriously – who would ever turn down anything as delicious as fudge? We’re also not sure who could resist Peppermint Patty fudge cookies made with real mini peppermint patties as well as chunks of chocolate and chocolate chips, so they’re a very safe bet for your Valentine’s Day party or meal.

For a romantic dinner, you might try a more elegant Valentines Day dessert recipe. Classic “cheesefake” deluxe – decorated with fresh strawberries – is one Valentine’s recipe that definitely fits the bill (but with a lot less fat and calories than regular cheesecake), or you could try vanilla bean custard puffs, strawberry pavlova, or white chocolate cheesecake with raspberry coulis.

All of our Valentine’s Day recipes (along with the mouthwatering photos of the finished dishes and desserts) come from fellow foodies and food bloggers. At, we’re committed to sharing our love of good food with food lovers all over the Internet. Got a blog and you want to submit a recipe (or several) of your own to our website? We’d love to see your recipes and share them with our online community of serious foodies! Just hit Submit Content to tell us all about your blog.

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