Vegan Recipes

Vegan recipes offer some amazing opportunities to create beautiful, healthy and unusual dishes and experiment with different flavor and texture combinations. It’s not all tofu! These vegan recipes prove that you don’t need meat, cheese, eggs, dairy and other animal products to create delicious meals.

Try, for example, the deliciously colorful roasted vegetable ratatouille, or the 30-minute squash coconut curry. Or our savory vegan sausage and cheese calzone recipe, which can be made with vegan cheese. Vegan sriracha-habanero buffalo wings lend a kick to your vegan meal, and colorful salad recipes like our Mexican vegan salad make great side dishes.

There are many vegan breakfast recipes on our site, too – like the vegan almond butter, banana and oat smoothie, mango coconut crumble muffins, vegan banana oatmeal pancakes with macadamia nuts, coconut macadamia nut granola or a mango kiwi avocado green smoothie to start your day off with a serious nutrition boost.

We also have plenty of choices that are also gluten-free vegan recipes, such as our gluten free vegan peanut butter and jelly pancakes, gluten free blueberry apple pancakes, or gluten free strawberry apple pancakes. And of course, many of our vegan salad recipes are also naturally gluten free and very healthy!

But vegan doesn’t just mean salads and quinoa. You’ll find some seriously delicious vegan dessert recipes here: Try chocolate avocado banana bread or a dark chocolate, coconut and macadamia nut tart, or freeze some vegan fudgsicles. Or if you feel just a little more virtuous, you can finish off your gourmet vegan meal with a vegan chai pumpkin latte.

With so many main dish, side dish, salad and dessert options to choose from, our vegan recipes help you plan the perfect vegan meal even if you’re a committed carnivore!

All of our vegan recipes (along with the mouthwatering photos of the finished dishes) come from fellow foodies and food bloggers. Got a blog and you want to submit a recipe (or several) of your own to Please do! Just hit Submit Content to tell us all about your blog and join our community of serious foodies. We’re committed to sharing our love of good food with food lovers all over the Internet!

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