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Easy Riblets Crockpot Recipe

Easy Riblets Crockpot Recipe

These delicious riblets make an irresistibly satisfying appetizer or main dish, and are simple and quick to make in your crock pot – taste just like something out of a top restaurant!

This recipe will surely impress both family and friends! Perfect for game day parties or weeknight dinner, these tender slow cooker ribs will melt in the mouth!


If you’re planning a party and need to ensure everyone gets fed, this riblets crockpot recipe could be just what’s needed to feed everyone. In just 10 minutes you’ll have all your ingredients assembled and your slow cooker will take care of everything for you!

Spray a 3 1/2 to 4-quart slow cooker with nonstick cooking spray; place riblets into it, sprinkle with garlic, and mix to evenly coat them before covering and setting to the Low heat setting for 7 to 8 hours, until tender. About 35 minutes prior to serving, combine all sauce ingredients in a 2-cup measuring cup or small bowl, mix thoroughly, then add the riblets back into their sauced state – covering and cooking an additional 25-30 minutes or until glazed ribs appear.

To serve, cut riblets into individual pieces before placing on a serving platter or dish. Finally, brush with some of the apricot barbecue sauce before topping it off with chopped cilantro as a final touch.

Tip: For extra caramelization, broil ribs under the broiler or on the grill – be sure to flip after five minutes and baste with additional barbecue sauce before closing the lid on either.

Tender baby back pork ribs are coated in an irresistibly juicy apricot barbecue sauce in the slow cooker, then finished off on the grill for extra flavor – perfect for an outdoor BBQ, picnic, or Father’s Day bash!


Rack of ribs are not just eye-catching; they’re an essential source of protein! If you want to spice up your dinner menu with an irresistibly delicious protein-packed dish, give this easy crockpot riblets recipe a try – your family will surely thank you!

For optimal results with this riblets crockpot recipe, the best approach is to simmer on low for at least 6 hours – this will result in succulent results; but if you have extra time on your hands you could also opt for higher temperature settings and cook it even longer than that!

Baking your ribs requires additional work and requires a hot oven; however, this option is useful if you are in a rush or simply prefer not having to turn them again and again. To achieve optimal results with baking your ribs the right way requires having both an experienced oven as well as plenty of liquid smoke available for cooking them properly.


An inexpensive and straightforward method for cooking delicious meals, slow cookers are an effective and convenient way to prepare any variety of moist meat or soup imaginable, including chili and pot roast. Plus they make incredible ribs and other barbecue favorites!

Crock-Pots, the most commonly used slow cookers, feature an internal heating element which slowly warms food over time. Some models even allow more precise control over cooking times and temperatures settings.

Most crock-pots feature two settings — low and high — to enable you to easily customize their heat level and time settings, with low being best for longer cooking sessions. Some models even come equipped with an additional setting called “warm,” keeping food warm until it is time for consumption.

If time is of the essence, use the high setting; just be sure to use a food thermometer as this will ensure your meal has reached a safe internal temperature in order to eliminate bacteria and keep eating safe and enjoyable!

Prior to beginning the cooking process, be sure to remove the membrane from the back of the ribs. This will prevent them from overcooking in your crockpot, leading to dry results.

Once the ribs have been placed in the crockpot, prepare a BBQ sauce of your choosing; be it homemade or store-bought.

Once they’ve cooked for 6 to 8 hours, remove the ribs from the crockpot and discard any liquid remaining behind. Transfer the ribs to a serving dish.

Add extra flavor by stirring in some chili paste after the ribs have been in for a few hours – this will give them a spicy kick that’s ideal for anyone who enjoys spicy foods!

Another method is baking them under your oven’s broiler in a baking pan, creating a tasty glaze for main course or side dish use.


Crock pots make cooking convenient! All it takes to create delicious meals on your terms is one simple click away from making delicious, tender ribs in just 30 minutes – ideal for family dinner, game day feasts or lazy Sunday afternoon snacks. To really stand out, add your signature touch with some spicy BBQ sauce (keep the bottle handy for later!) Or switch things up by trying your hand at dry rub seasoning instead if sticky sauces don’t suit you; although that approach won’t exactly replicate slatherings of salt & pepper but still works well enough.


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