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Pork Cube Steak Recipes

Pork Cube Steak Recipes

Pork cube steak can be prepared in many ways: grilling, roasting, broiling or pan-frying are just some of the available methods of preparation.

Cube steak is typically prepared from tougher cuts of beef like top round or sirloin and tenderized either manually or using an electronic tenderizing machine, leaving tiny indentations in the surface to help break down muscle fibers and tenderize.

Baked Pork Cube Steaks with Onions

Pork cube steak is a highly sought-after cut of meat that’s commonly sold in packages containing several cube steaks. By pressing and pounding it to soften its fibers and create tender texture, cubing a piece of meat is broken apart to increase juiciness and tenderness.

Simple baked pork cube steaks topped with onions are both easy and flavorful! The onions provide extra moisture during baking for moist and tender results – ideal for quick dinners or lunches on-the-go! This dish makes an ideal meal.

Before beginning, preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit and place pork cube steaks in a baking pan with one cup of thinly sliced onions on top. Cover this pan with aluminum foil and bake for approximately 20 minutes.

Add the cube steaks to a pan containing oil and cook them for approximately 5 minutes per side, until golden-brown and crispy. Take them off of the stovetop and set on a serving platter when they have finished cooking.

This delicious, easy recipe only requires 30 minutes of prep work for maximum taste! Perfect for weeknight dinners.

This recipe for cube steak with brown onion gravy features butter, onions and flour as its primary flavors for maximum flavor – plus it is gluten-, nut-, egg- and sugar-free!

For this dish, you will require two items – a large skillet and baking dish. Either a cast iron or regular skillet can be sprayed with non-stick spray to increase efficiency of cooking.

Begin by pounding cube steaks thin to prevent them from becoming tough before marinating them with vinegar, sugar and spices to tenderize before cooking them.

Serve this dish with mashed potatoes or sauteed green beans to round off your meal. Cube steak is an extremely healthy choice, while onions and gravy contain many essential vitamins and minerals – B vitamins, potassium, phosphorus and zinc are just a few examples.

Pan Fried Pork Cube Steaks with Onions

Tender pork cube steaks are pan fried in an easy gravy sauce for an effortless weeknight dinner! Not only is this recipe gluten free and keto friendly; but it is also high in protein!

Cube steaks may not be everyone’s go-to cut of meat, but this simple method for tenderizing them makes them extra delicious! By pressing them through a machine that creates small indentation in the meat surface and breaking down muscle fibers to tenderize it further.

These cube steaks are then coated in flour and pan-fried in hot oil to achieve an incredible crisp texture, before being covered in an irresistibly satisfying onion and mushroom gravy and baked until they reach tender and browned perfection.

Cast iron skillets are best, though any pan will do the job. Be sure to sear these steaks on all sides prior to covering them with gravy; this helps seal in juices and keeps the steak tender.

After frying, remove the steaks from the pan and transfer to a paper towel-lined plate to drain any excess oil – this is key for creating cube steaks with tender and succulent texture!

To make gravy, begin by whisking together flour, salt and pepper until a thick paste forms. Next add milk slowly while continuously stirring until your gravy reaches smooth and creamy consistency.

This gravy serves as the perfect foundation for all sorts of sauces and recipes! To add additional flavors, consider experimenting with adding paprika, garlic powder or even some red wine if desired.

Alternatively, for an even darker gravy I recommend adding some drops of Worcestershire sauce as well. This will create an even darker gravy base.

As an alternative, beef broth could also work wonderfully well when making this gravy! Your end result would still be delicious!

Once the gravy is complete, arrange your steaks in a pan. Top them off with gravy and serve alongside any desired veggies! Your family is sure to appreciate this easy yet nutritious dinner option.

Pan Fried Pork Cube Steaks with Gravy

Pork cube steaks are an irresistibly tasty cut of meat that can be prepared in many different ways, providing a versatile option to add variety to any meal. Easy and convenient preparation makes these succulent lean cuts of pork an irresistible addition.

These pan fried pork cube steaks with gravy make an easy yet delectable way to enjoy this versatile cut of meat! Simply season and coat in flour prior to pan frying before pouring on some delicious beef gravy for a flavorful meal that won’t disappoint!

This quick and easy recipe requires only basic pantry ingredients – like flour, panko and salt – before being cooked up in olive oil before smothered in rich beef gravy.

Gravy is made using flour and milk, then enhanced with herbs and spices for flavor. When served alongside mashed potatoes or vegetables as side dishes, this comforting and hearty meal can be ready in no time!

When cooking pork cube steaks, use a meat thermometer to ensure they are fully cooked. This will prevent them from becoming tough. To add additional flavor, marinate in a mixture of vinegar, sugar and spices before placing on the grill.

Smoking cube steaks is another easy and delicious way to prepare this tender and juicy cut of meat, perfect for entertaining! Simply place them in the smoker for up to 2 1/2 hours while adding water every 30 minutes or flipping them. Finally, serve your delicious dinner topped off with BBQ sauce for a delectable dish that can’t go unnoticed!

Add extra flavor by marinating pork cube steaks in an Asian-inspired spicy sauce for extra zing! This simple yet aromatic combination adds tons of zesty taste that makes these pork steaks truly amazing!

Cube steaks are then coated in a mixture of seasoned flour, panko and salt before being pan fried in olive oil and finished off with a delicious gravy for an easy yet delicious family dinner! This quick and straightforward recipe guarantees everyone will love this quick yet flavorful dinner option!

Condensed Soup Casserole with Pork Cube Steaks

When searching for a fast dinner that can be prepared in the oven, look no further than this condensed soup casserole with pork cube steaks. This simple yet delectable recipe will satisfy everyone in your family!

Breaded cube steaks are baked in the oven with homemade gravy for extra flavor and crunch, then served alongside rice or creamy mashed potatoes as an easy and low-fat main course dish.

Cube steaks are an affordable cut of mechanically tenderized meat, perfect for using up leftover beef.

These recipes are ideal for when your time or grocery budget are stretched thin. While preparation might require some work, you will thank yourself later!

Start by browning the steaks in a skillet to give them added color and then use a fork to pierce each one to ensure they’re fully cooked through.

Next, combine steaks with soup mixture and onions in the crock pot before pouring remaining soup over top and cooking on low for 4-6 hours.

This recipe works well with various cuts of pork, such as rib chops, loin chops or boneless chops. To add variety and depth, serve with roasted carrots, green beans or asparagus as side dishes.

Try this savory gravy mix on ground beef or chicken for an amazing, versatile meal. The flavorful gravy blend will complement all types of meat perfectly!

If you don’t have condensed mushroom soup on hand, an alternative would be making a simple beef broth or consomme – although its taste will likely differ significantly from cream of mushroom soup.

Add mushrooms for additional flavor; slice white button mushrooms or cremini (baby bella) mushrooms into thin slices to accompany your cube steak dish.

As an extra touch, top your dish with a dollop of sour cream or freshly grated parmesan cheese for extra creaminess when serving it. If you are following a keto or low-carb diet, opt for serving this recipe with either steamed cauliflower or mashed rice as your side dishes.


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