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Baked Salmon Sushi Recipe

Baked Salmon Sushi Recipe

This delicious and comforting deconstructed sushi roll casserole recipe makes an impressive dinner. A perfect combination of Japanese and Western flavors!

No one knows exactly where this dish originated, but it was made popular online by Filipina nail artist Mimi Qui Reyes in 2015. Either way, this salmon sushi bake is sure to impress at any upcoming potluck or family dinner!


Sushi Bake is an easy and crowd pleasing potluck dish that recreates the delicious flavors of sushi rolls without the cumbersome wrapping process. Simply mix, pour and bake! A favorite for potluck gatherings!

To create the sushi bake recipe salmon, you’ll need some pantry essentials like cooked rice, furikake seasoning, sriracha mayo and Kewpie mayo (in Japan it is commonly called surimi).

Short grain rice is ideal for this dish as its sticky nature allows it to adhere together when baked in the oven. You can find short grain varieties at Asian markets and supermarkets.

Cook the rice according to package instructions, then stir in rice vinegar, sugar and salt before mixing thoroughly. You may prefer using pre-seasoned vinegar that comes with sushi packages; I personally find more flavor comes from simply mixing white vinegar with sugar instead.

Sushi rice works best as it has more chewiness and an enhanced, deep flavour profile that compliments this dish perfectly.

Once the rice is finished, press it evenly into a baking dish and top it with furikake. Spread your salmon mixture on top of it all before drizzled the last two tablespoons of kewpie mayo and sriracha over it all – finishing off by topping with both types of sesame seeds for garnish.

And then bake it for about 15 minutes, or until it has heated through and begun bubbling slightly. When serving, scoop out using a spoon and arrange on some roasted seaweed to create your sushi wrap!

Sushi Bake Cups make the perfect quick lunch or snack when on-the-go, offering an innovative take on the popular sushi bake trend that are sure to satisfy.

These bite-size snacks can often be found in the freezer section at grocery stores and Asian markets. Not only are they tasty treats, but they’re naturally gluten free too – grab a couple now and start snacking away!


Sushi Bakes are deconstructed sushi rolls, making them the ideal alternative if you want something different for dinner. Plus, sushi bakes may be better received by those who don’t care much for raw fish!

This spicy salmon sushi bake recipe provides all of the elements of a classic sushi roll in an easier and quicker format, perfect for family dinners or party appetizers.

Make this delicious appetizer quickly and easily using ingredients you likely already have in your pantry! Simply preheat the oven, and then prepare everything else ahead of time.

Start by gathering basic ingredients such as salmon and rice; short grain variety provides the authentic sushi taste in your bake.

To prepare the rice, simply rinse and simmer with water for 20 minutes. As short grains release starch during this process, resulting in sticky, elastic sticky-textured grains suited perfectly for sushi!

Once your rice is done, add vinegar and sugar for flavoring – I prefer using seasoned rice vinegar, but white vinegar works just as well in this instance.

While your rice is cooking, prepare your salmon for baking. Sashimi-grade salmon makes an excellent match with creamy fillings as it has more of an edible surface area and will remain soft.

This salmon filling in this sushi bake combines mayonnaise, cream cheese, soy sauce, vinegar/pickle brine and sugar into an irresistibly creamy and delectable mixture reminiscent of Philadelphia rolls.

Make homemade sushi the easy, healthy, and flavorful way! Plus you can go vegetarian by substituting salmon with other ingredients like shitake mushrooms, cucumber, carrots or tofu!

To assemble this bake, start by spreading out the rice in an 8-inch or smaller baking dish, covering it with half of the furikake seasoning and topping it off with creamy filling before finishing it off with more furikake seasoning for extra flavour.


Sushi is an increasingly popular food and many people enjoy making it at home. Though relatively straightforward to create, making traditional sushi rolls may be daunting for some people.

But that doesn’t have to be the case! This tasty spicy salmon sushi bake offers an easy solution that will satisfy all of your sushi cravings without breaking the bank!

This easy recipe makes a quick weeknight dinner or an appetizer to bring to any potluck, simply by prepping and baking until warm.

As part of your preparations for making salmon sushi, first prepare both the salmon and sushi rice. Rinse and cook in a large pan before seasoning it with sugar-rice vinegar mixture before topping off with furikake for garnishing.

Assemble the sauce for your salmon by mixing together kewpie mayo, unagi sauce (eel sauce), togarashi (Japanese red pepper flakes), and scallions. All these ingredients can be found at Asian markets or purchased online.

Once you have your sauce ready, combine the salmon and cream cheese – softened cream cheese works best – then use as desired.

After gathering all of the toppings for this dish, you must complete assembly. In particular, this requires gathering up:

Sriracha – Sriracha is an iconic Thai chili sauce available at most Asian grocery stores as well as certain western grocery outlets. This tangy hot sauce adds tons of spice and zest to any meal!

Green onions – Green onions make an excellent addition to this recipe and help balance out its spicy kick. Additionally, garnish it with fresh cucumber slices!

Serve this sushi bake recipe either as it is, cut into squares and serve individually or even scoop it onto sheets of seaweed snack and enjoy. There’s something deliciously versatile about it that any guest will find appealing!


Sushi Bake Recipe Salmon – Finish it Off Right! With so many tasty toppings such as furikake, cucumber, avocado and more available to create the ideal sushi bowl – adding furikake is simple!

Sushi Bakes have become the latest social media trend thanks to their simple combination of ingredients and easy instructions. Inspired by Emily Mariko’s popular deconstructed sushi trend on TikTok, sushi bakes have quickly become a social media craze.

However, this viral recipe takes things one step further by using muffin tins to add unique textures and tastes to baked sushi “muffins”. The result is an exciting twist on this traditional dish that may quickly become one of your go-to dinner dishes!

Muffin tins make great tools for creating sushi bake cups because their small dimensions make for easier layering. If you don’t own one, an alternative would be using a 9 by 13-inch casserole dish instead.

To create sushi rice, first you will need to cook it according to its packet’s directions in salted water. While that happens, prepare a mixture of vinegar and sugar that you will combine before pouring over your freshly-made sushi grains.

Once your rice is done cooking, use a rice paddle to lightly flatten it in an ovenproof dish before topping with spicy mayo salmon mixture, mirin, tamari, and sesame oil for extra flavor.

Use fish roe to give your sushi bake an eye-catching pop of color and some additional saltiness. Masago or tobiko are two commonly used types, while you could also swap capelin roe out for an even more authentic experience.

Gochujang aioli is another popular addition to sushi bakes. This delicious sauce pairs well with spicy mayo and salmon dishes for an ideal complementing combination.

If you want to make the sushi bake gluten-free, consider switching out soy sauce for tamari or coconut aminos instead. Also try adding a pinch of sriracha sauce before spreading on your rice for added spice!


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