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Corn Nuggets Recipe

Corn Nuggets Recipe

Corn nuggets make for an irresistibly crispy yet moist snack that provides both protein and fiber! Not to mention they make for an excellent source of snacking goodness!

Made quickly and effortlessly, these tasty bites will delight both you and your family! Serve with your favorite dipping sauce as an afternoon snack or on their own as a side dish!


Corn nuggets are an appetizer made of batter which is then deep fried with fresh or canned corn kernels drained and separated out prior to being mixed in with fresh batter and cooked until golden-brown in color. They typically come served alongside honey mustard sauce or ketchup as dipping options.

Vegetarian-friendly alternatives such as vegetable nuggets are an easy and budget-friendly solution that you may already have on hand in your pantry.

To create the batter, mix together flour, salt, sugar and baking powder in a medium-sized bowl before whisking in egg, milk and melted shortening mixture in another. Finally, fold drained corn kernels into batter mixture before stirring thoroughly.

Once frozen, spoon out spoonfuls of corn mixture onto an unwaxed baking sheet and freeze for 2-4 hours or until solidified. If possible, use an ice tray to shape nuggets before freezing them.

Once frozen corn is firm, dip it in a batter consisting of flour, eggs, milk, baking powder, salt, pepper and (optionally) sugar before frying in hot oil until golden brown. Use a slotted spoon to transfer from oil onto paper towels before removing with another slotted spoon and drain.

Serve these crispy nuggets with various dipping sauces such as honey mustard, ketchup or ranch dip for an irresistibly tasty snack! Perfect for any celebration.

These delicious snacks are easy to make and taste so great, making them the perfect choice for parties, family gatherings or as quick lunch or dinner options.

Customize these nuggets by adding spices like garlic powder and chili powder, or you could mix in shredded cheese for extra flavor and texture.

Nuggets are an appetizer staple at barbecues and parties alike, serving as the perfect complement to other dishes such as air fryer potstickers, Japanese spring rolls or simply mashed potatoes. Ideal for parties of all kinds and keeping for several days in the fridge before being heated up again in an oven or air fryer for approximately 10 minutes for best results. You can store leftovers up to three months.


Corn nuggets are an easy and delicious snack to prepare, made from fresh and flavorful kernels of corn mixed with flour, cornmeal and seasonings for maximum crunchiness and softness on the inside. Perfectly crispy on the outside yet tender on the inside – corn nuggets have quickly become one of the favorite treats among many!

These delicious snacks provide both protein and fiber. Easy to make in either an air fryer or deep fryer, you can pair yours with your favorite dipping sauces to complete the experience!

To make these delicious snacks, it’s necessary to gather all of the necessary ingredients and take steps to prepare all of them in advance. Preheat the oil in a Dutch oven or heavy-bottomed pot up to 360degF before making your corn nugget batter.

Combine the flour, baking powder, salt, and sugar in one bowl until evenly mixed. Whisk the egg, milk, heavy cream and shortening together in another until a batter-like consistency forms; fold in drained corn kernels until they’re just mixed in.

Once your mixture is prepared, add it to a deep fryer or large skillet and cook them until golden brown. To avoid overcooking them, it is important to monitor the temperature of the oil closely and adjust as necessary.

After frying corn nuggets, place them on paper towels to absorb any extra oil before serving with ketchup or barbecue sauce as dipping sauces.

Serve these crunchy bites alongside coleslaw for a delectable combination. The sweet and tart flavors combine beautifully with those found in corn nuggets for an unforgettable bite-sized experience!

If you’re searching for an unconventional yet delicious way to prepare your delicious treats, why not add diced bell peppers as an exciting twist? Your family and friends will surely be pleased! This festive addition will brighten their day!

Make these delectable bites vegan-friendly by replacing traditional egg with an egg replacement product such as flax seed meal. For extra sweetness, honey or maple syrup can also be added into the batter for an added layer of sweetness – sure to please those with a sweet tooth! This option will certainly delight those who appreciate sweet treats!


Cheese-coated corn nuggets with crunchy coatings make these irresistibly crunchy snacks perfect for dunking in different sauces. Add chili powder and fresh chiles for an extra spicy kick; for something sweeter try rolling these fritters in powdered sugar or cinnamon-sugar mixture instead!

Fried nuggets can be enjoyed as a stand-in or served with other dishes for an appetizer, side, or main dish. They pair nicely with sloppy joes, cheese fries, potato salad, or served alongside other appetizers like sloppy joes. Dipping sauce options such as ketchup, ranch dip or sugar-free ketchup make these bite-size morsels extra delicious!

If you’re in search of a healthier version of this delicious treat, air-fry them instead. Not only can they cook in half the time as opposed to traditional deep frying methods but they’re much lower in oil consumption!

First, combine the dry ingredients in a large bowl. While whisking the eggs, milk, heavy cream and shortening in another bowl until combined. Pour this wet mixture over the dry ingredients and mix just until combined. Fold in both drained whole kernel corn and undrained creamed corn until just mixed in.

Once the batter is prepared, place it in the refrigerator for at least an hour to chill before using a spoon or cookie scoop to measure out 2 tablespoon dollops of batter and place into individual cupcake liners.

While you wait, heat some vegetable oil in a large pot or deep fryer until it reaches 350degF and gently drop your nuggets until they turn golden brown in color – drain on paper towels after taking out.

Fried corn bites are an irresistibly crunchy snack for kids and adults alike! Their crispy exterior reveals soft, creamy filling inside. A delightful treat!

Homemade corn nuggets are always an impressive sight at family events, birthday celebrations and Tuesday dinner tables alike! Easy and deliciously flavorful ways to satisfy those hungry bellys in your life! These homemade nuggets won’t let anyone down!

These crispy nuggets can be prepared ahead of time and stored in the fridge or freezer for up to 3 days or 2 months respectively, then easily reheated in either the oven or skillet when ready to enjoy!


Corn nuggets are delicious snacks for kids and adults alike, offering both crunchy exteriors and moist interiors for an irresistibly satisfying bite. Plus, these homemade snacks can be easily made using just minimal ingredients!

If you’re searching for an easy and delicious appetizer that will please everyone in your crowd, look no further than homemade corn nuggets. Not only do they take mere minutes to create but their taste surpasses store-bought options too!

These nuggets are created using fresh corn kernels and other ingredients. Their crunchy exterior and delicious interior are perfect for enjoying with different dipping sauces for maximum enjoyment!

Start by mixing all of the dry ingredients – such as flour, baking powder, salt and sugar in a bowl – then gradually incorporate eggs and milk.

Once the dry ingredients are thoroughly mixed together, add in the drained corn kernels for additional structure and to help the batter form nuggets that stay together. Refrigerate it for around one hour to complete its setting process.

Once time is up, heat the oil in a large pot or deep fryer to 350 degrees Fahrenheit before using an ice cream scoop to drop spoonfuls of the mixture into it and cook it until golden brown.

Assuring that the nuggets are fully cooked will require you to flip them from time to time, until golden brown in colour and removed onto a paper towel-lined plate to drain any excess oil.

Add extra flavor and enhance the corn taste by including some shredded cheddar cheese in your recipe! It will give them more cheesey notes while still maintaining that corn taste.

Or for something extra spicy and flavorful, add chopped jalapenos or cayenne pepper to the batter for a spicy kick, as well as crumbled bacon for added smokiness and depth of flavor.

These crunchy nuggets make for a delectable and nutritious snack at any time of day, as well as being ideal for vegetarians. Enjoy them as either an entree or side dish to serve alongside any main course dish!


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