Home Veg Kohakutou Recipe – How to Make Kohakutou

Kohakutou Recipe – How to Make Kohakutou

Kohakutou Recipe – How to Make Kohakutou

Kohakutou (pronounced Ko-ha-ku-tou) is a Japanese candy that resembles jewels, crystals or gemstones in appearance and taste. It has become immensely popular as an attractive treat that also tastes fantastic!

This gem-inspired treat is super straightforward to create and makes the ideal DIY treat! All it requires are sugar, agar agar, food coloring and your desired flavors for the best treat ever!


Kohakutou is an exquisite Japanese confectionery made of agar agar powder and sugar. A must-try treat, Kohakutou is a beloved favorite!

Agar agar, made from red algae, is a vegan alternative to gelatin that makes an excellent base for creating jelly and gummy candy treats. When combined with water for boiling purposes, agar agar forms a jelly-like substance which can then be flavor- and color-added for endless applications! This material makes an amazing vegan gelatin alternative that allows endless creativity in its uses!

To make this recipe, you will require agar agar powder, sugar and food coloring or flavorings of your choice, along with a sharp knife for cutting the candy into shapes.

Kohakutou is an easy recipe to follow and customize with flavors and colors of your choosing! Use it to decorate cakes and desserts or give as gifts!

Kohakutou are the ideal party treat, serving them at your next celebration will add color and excitement. Not only are they stunning additions to any dessert table but they’re a delicious snack you can savor on their own as well!

Experiment with different flavors and colors by adding extracts or different types of food coloring. For optimal results, be sure to combine equal parts water and food coloring when making your kohakutou.

Once the mixture has been heated to boiling point, it will set and become firm enough for shaping. When cool enough to touch, you can manipulate your agar agar mixture to form small crystals or cubes.

For a lemon-flavored kohakutou, combine lemon extract and yellow food coloring. To create strawberry-flavor kohakutou, use pink food coloring and flavorings instead.

Once the agar agar has fully set, you can sculpt and color it according to your desired design and colors. Just use a sharp knife, ensuring it won’t stick too much! Doing this will result in stunning kohakutou for your guests to admire!


Kohakutou involves boiling liquid with red algae-derived agar-agar or kanten to create a jelly-like substance, and once set can be cut into shapes for display as an extravagant dessert.

Making candy can be extremely versatile; you can make many variations and keep your fridge full of interesting treats all year round! For optimal results, a few rectangular heatproof dishes (or pans) is your ideal starting point.

Simply sprinkle a few drops of your chosen food color into each dish, and evenly distribute the gummy mixture across them all to create a stunning kohakutou that will last all season long!

Try using colorful drink mixes like lemonade or coffee as the colorant for your kohakutou, for an easy and foolproof sweet treat that will delight all of your guests.

Try cutting your kohakutou into as small of pieces as possible; using a sharp knife is necessary, but this creative endeavor can make your next dessert truly exceptional!


Kohakutou is an iconic Japanese treat made of agar agar powder and sugar, featuring a crunchy crust on the outside and soft, gelatinous center. Available in various colors and shapes, KOHAKUTOU can be enjoyed both as an ice cream topping or candy treat!

At home, you can create delicious kohakutou using agar agar powder, water, and sugar. Add food coloring or flavoring for extra visual flair!

Start by gathering the necessary ingredients: one cup of sugar, 1 tablespoon of water and a pinch of agar agar powder. Combine all the components into one saucepan and heat until it boils; once it does so, turn off the heat and allow it to cool before refrigerating or serving it immediately.

Once the mixture has reached room temperature, pour into a metal or glass tray covered with cooking spray and chill in the refrigerator for at least an hour before placing back into the microwave for another round of cooling.

Once your kohakutou has set, use a sharp paring knife to shape and cut them to your liking. If desired, you may also add extra sweetness by covering them in sugar.

Once cut, transfer the kohakutou to a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and let them set at room temperature for a few days until their crust hardens into place – this will create a perfect combination of crunchy, chewy, and sticky textures!

These candies are deliciously delectable and simple to make at home, making them an engaging activity for children as well as a delicious treat! Use them as decorations for cakes, cupcakes and other desserts or even paint patterns on them for an eye-catching appearance! Looking for something exciting and new at your next party? This Kohakutou recipe will surely impress.


These edible jewels, famous for their bright hues and delicate forms, can actually be quite straightforward to create at home using agar agar, an extract of red algae powder. Sugar and food colors may also come into play.

Start by mixing all your ingredients to form a clear syrup, and adding your preferred food color. Feel free to try your hand at Lemon-Flavored Kohakutou by adding half a lemon’s worth of zest and juice directly into the liquid mixture.

Refrigerate your kohakutou mix in its trays for several hours to set the mixture. When finished, take out from the refrigerator and use a paring knife to form desired shapes – be careful to rinse your knife after each cut, as candy may stick to its blade!

Store the kohakutou on a parchment-lined baking sheet to dry for approximately three days; this will enable its outer coating to harden and crystallize, creating an impressive jewelry-style finish.

Once kohakutou have hardened, add granulated sugar for a candy-like appearance! Just remember to flip them every 12 hours or so so they achieve uniform texture. Store in an airtight container to prevent drying out – for optimal results it’s best kept out of direct sunlight as heat may cause them to decompose too quickly.


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