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No Bake Banana Pudding Recipe

This no bake banana pudding recipe is an iconic Southern treat, sure to please at your next potluck or party! Simply combine vanilla wafer cookies, sweet bananas and fluffy pudding.

Make instant vanilla pudding using instant vanilla pudding mix, milk, frozen whipped topping and Nilla wafers. For optimal results use bananas with brown spots to ensure the pudding doesn’t turn watery during baking.


This no bake banana pudding recipe will please the entire family! Made with an irresistibly delicious vanilla wafer crust, layers of homemade whipped cream, sweetened cream cheese, and fresh bananas – everyone will savor this delectable treat.

Ingredients for this dessert recipe can easily be found in most grocery stores. Prep time takes only 15 minutes and will make an unforgettable treat for the entire family!

Start by crushing a layer of Nilla wafers and spreading them in the bottom of a 13×9 pan (or trifle dish). Next, layer some sliced bananas over the crushed Nilla wafers before spreading half of your pudding mixture over them – repeat this process for each additional layer!

Once all the layers have been assembled, drizzle a generous helping of crushed graham crackers over the entire dish before placing in the refrigerator to chill completely before refrigerating and serving.

If you want to make this dessert healthier, swap out 2% milk for skim milk and use low fat Cool Whip topping for the whipped cream – although its texture will differ, but its flavor remains delicious!

Make this tasty dessert ahead of time to take full advantage of its refrigeration benefits, with both pudding and whipped cream preparation happening days in advance and then stored air tight until assembly day.

When making this dessert, use very ripe bananas as using underripe or overripe ones can cause the water to seep from them and dilute your pudding.

To prevent this from happening, ensure the bananas are perfectly ripe with no brown spots on them and allow the pudding to set for five minutes before incorporating whipped cream.

Once your pudding is cool, top it with remaining whipped cream and garnish it with some Nilla wafers for decoration. This no bake dessert can make for the perfect party bite or serve as an indulgent sweet treat anytime of day!


Banana pudding is an American classic dessert featuring layers of creamy vanilla pudding, crunchy vanilla wafer cookies, sweet banana slices and fluffy whipped cream – creating a delightful and decadent dish that everyone in your family will savor! It makes an unforgettable snack.

To create this delicious no bake banana pudding, all that’s required is instant vanilla pudding mix, whole milk, frozen whipped topping, bananas and vanilla wafer cookies. If desired, crushed graham cracker crust could also be sprinkled on top for decoration – however this step is optional!

Nilla Wafer Banana Pudding is an easy and delicious dessert recipe that will delight the entire family! Prepare this no bake version in just 15 minutes for any celebration or special event.

Nilla Wafer Banana Pudding can be made even more irresistible when made using ripe bananas and cream cheese to create an irresistibly creamy texture. You can add cinnamon or lemon zest for additional flavor!

Before beginning to assemble the pudding, line a baking pan with one layer of nilla wafer cookies and layer your sliced bananas on them. Spread half of your pudding mixture on top, repeat layers as before, and top off your creation with remaining whipped cream – or you could try topping off your dessert with remaining whipped cream as an elegant final flourish!

To keep this no bake banana pudding from becoming watery, it may be beneficial to use Cool Whip instead of homemade whipped cream as this will allow it to set faster in the fridge.

Once you have all of the ingredients ready, all that remains to make this pudding is to assemble and chill it before refrigerating it for up to 24 hours until ready for serving. You may make and store this dish up to one day ahead before refrigerating until ready.

If you’re making Nilla Wafer Banana pudding for a dinner party or special event, prepare the entire dish in advance and store in an air tight container in your refrigerator for up to 5 days without worrying that its fruit may turn brown.


No-bake banana pudding recipes offer a delicious treat without taking much effort or time. With easy instructions that can be completed within 15 minutes, no bake banana pudding recipes are sure to bring smiles all around the table.

Making frozen desserts is an ideal solution for busy moms with little time for baking who still want something sweet for their families. They are also suitable for people on low carb diets or who need something gluten-free.

This no bake banana pudding recipe requires ingredients found in most kitchen cabinets and can easily be completed either in the oven or stovetop. Requiring only minutes for mixing and beating, it makes this an excellent solution for people with limited free time each day.

This no bake banana pudding recipe features Nilla wafers, slices of ripe bananas, and vanilla whipped cream layered together into an irresistibly decadent summertime dessert that you can easily whip up for parties and family reunions.

If you don’t have enough time for this dessert to set in the fridge, an airtight container in the freezer may do just fine for storage for several days. Just ensure that the pudding component of this recipe has had sufficient time to thicken in your refrigerator prior to making and freezing the whole dessert!

Tip #2 for making this no bake banana pudding recipe: When selecting bananas for this no-bake dessert recipe, use only fully ripe ones so as to prevent your slices from turning brown too quickly.

Lemon juice can also help slow the oxidation process and ensure that sliced bananas remain pristinely green when served to your guests. Doing this won’t change their flavor either – just help to ensure they remain as green when serving!

Add an extra festive touch to your no bake banana pudding by scattering cinnamon across its surface, or decorate it with whole or crushed Nilla wafers, banana slices and whipped cream for an unforgettable presentation.


No bake banana pudding recipe is an irresistibly delectable treat that can be prepared quickly in just minutes! Packed full of creamy vanilla pudding, crunchy Nilla wafer cookies, sweet banana slices and fluffy whipped cream – it makes an unforgettable dessert that is suitable for all special occasions!

This simple recipe only requires five ingredients and can easily be prepared ahead of time to save time in the future. You should find most of them at your grocery store and can prepare the dish when necessary.

First, prepare the pudding mixture by stirring instant vanilla pudding mix with milk until it thickens, adding half of your whipped topping and stirring until combined.

Once the mixture has been thoroughly mixed, layer Nilla wafer cookies in the bottom of a 9×13 baking dish or trifle bowl (see Notes for ways to prevent browning), followed by half of the pudding spread out using a spatula and smoothed.

Add slices of banana, again spreading them out to fill in any spaces between cookies, before pouring another layer of pudding on top and smoothing it with a spatula.

Now it’s time to add the finishing touch: topping your dish off with more crushed Nilla wafers for an irresistibly crunchy crunch or scatter shredded coconut for an exotic flair!

Making pudding ahead can give it time to set, with leftovers best eaten within two days of creation. If not serving immediately upon making, cover your bowl directly against its surface with plastic wrap to avoid brown tingeing during its sitting time.

This simple no bake dessert will quickly become the favorite dessert in your family! Perfect for potlucks and parties alike. Make this treat in any large glass bowl or trifle dish!

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