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Roasted Carnival Squash Recipes

Roasted Carnival Squash Recipes

The carnival squash is a combination of an acorn squash and sweet dumpling squash with stunning green, cream, and orange stripes on its skin.

Winter squashes such as delicata are quick and simple to cook in either an oven or air fryer, with tasty results every time. Their sweet, buttery flesh offers up great flavors.

Roasted Winter Squash

Roasting winter squashes is an effortless way to enhance their natural sweetness and caramelize them, creating a flavorful side dish that goes perfectly with meats.

Prep winter squashes in one of a variety of ways; most involve mixing oil with seasoning such as ginger, garlic, cinnamon or nutmeg as well as adding parmesan or fat-reduced feta.

An essential element of making delicious roasted winter squash dishes is selecting a high-quality squash with firm and heavy textures, including both green and orange hues and dull-textured skin that doesn’t show through too brightly.

Cut your squash in half from root to stem and use a spoon to remove all the seeds with precision. Although this might take some effort and time, the end results will definitely justify their efforts!

Place cut sides of squash onto an oiled baking sheet, laying them flat so they will begin browning immediately and evenly roasting over time.

Once your squash has been roasted, you have several options for serving it either as is or mashing into a puree. If desired, add a small bit of brown butter at this stage for even more flavor!

Alternative approaches could include pairing mashed squash with vegetable-based sauces or toppings such as salad. Or you could use it in savory stews such as our Slow Cooker Acorn Squash with Garlic and Spinach recipe.

Make this dish into a filling for stuffed shells, enchiladas or spaghetti by adding the mashed squash at the last possible moment – this way it won’t dry out too soon!

Add a sweet-savory element by mixing in 1 teaspoon of honey before drizzles the browned butter onto your roasted squash for extra flavor! It will create a lovely sweet-savory balance against its smokey aroma.

Butternut Squash Soup with Turmeric

Butternut squash soup with turmeric is an easy yet nourishing, warming dish perfect for both lunch and dinner, packed with both savory and sweet flavors that you will savor, especially on cold winter days! This recipe makes the most out of every ingredient to bring you both sweet and savory pleasure!

Roasted butternut squash, carrots, and apples provide tons of flavor in this creamy vegetable soup. Plus, with ginger, turmeric, and coconut milk thrown in as added ingredients – making this an excellent way to support immunity and boost overall health!

This vegan, gluten-free soup is packed with flavorful ingredients and made with gluten-free flour – making it the ideal easy meal option! Plus it packs lots of veggies, protein, and fiber – an excellent way to improve one’s diet, including those following either 21 Day Fix or Ultimate Portion Fix Meal Plans!

You can add other vegetables to this soup, but the main focus should remain roasted squash, carrots and apples. Roasting softens these ingredients so they blend smoothly into an irresistibly flavorful soup without losing their savory aroma or rich flavors.

While frozen butternut squash could work for this soup recipe, fresh is my top recommendation. If using frozen veggies instead, defrost before blending as they may lose some of their flavour.

Alternately, try stirring in some roasted pumpkin seeds as your soup simmers – they add crunch while keeping it from becoming too thick!

Puree the soup until creamy and smooth with either an immersion or regular blender, or freeze any surplus for later.

Top this delicious and satisfying bowl with some delicious vegan garnishes such as toasted almonds, crispy fried sage leaves or creamy goat cheese for an irresistibly delicious vegan recipe that your whole family and friends will come back for more!

Maple-Sage Roasted Squash with Cashews

Are you searching for an exciting side dish to complete your holiday meal? Try this maple-sage roasted squash dish as the answer! Sweet yet savory with tons of fall flavor – it will impress all!

Roasted squash halves are coated with melted butter, drizzled with maple syrup and then seasoned with salt and pepper before being placed into the oven to be baked for approximately 40 minutes before receiving their vegan breadcrumb topping.

Make Ahead: Roasted squash can be made ahead and stored in the refrigerator, then simply reheated before serving.

Roast the seeds of your squash before adding it to this delicious buttery maple-sage roasted squash with cashews dish for an easy yet impressive side dish at your next family gathering! It will surely become the highlight of the meal!

To prepare a squash, peel and slice in half lengthwise before cutting away its stringy membrane with a sharp knife and extracting its seeds using a spoon.

Once you’ve extracted and rinsed the seeds, pat them dry before spreading them out on a baking sheet lined with parchment or silicone mats. Feel free to keep them plain or add additional flavor by drizzled olive oil, salt, and pepper as desired.

Once your squash has finished roasting, combine maple herb butter and brush it over it before refrigerating for later use. You may even make this ahead of time!

If you’re making this recipe for a large group, I highly suggest pre-roasting the squash before popping it back in with the butter to finish roasting – this way it will be ready when your guests arrive! Just be sure to check your oven frequently during roasting to make sure that it reaches an adequate temperature!

Once ready to serve, simply remove the squash from the oven and transfer to a platter, topping with buttery maple-sage roasted squash and garnishing with toasted nuts, extra salt, and flaky black pepper for garnish. Enjoy!

This delicious apple cider-Dijon dressing makes an excellent accompaniment for this butternut squash salad featuring sage. Not only is it tasty and healthy, but you’ll be done in under 30 minutes!

Cinnamon Apple Squash

Carnival squash is an amalgamation of an acorn and dumpling squash, and when roasted its sweet and nutty flavors really shine through. Perfect as either an accompaniment or dessert with many foods!

To prepare the squash, first scrub it thoroughly with a clean vegetable brush under running water, before cutting in half with a sharp knife and removing its seeds. Be aware that when cutting on its side it may move back and forth as you slice! Once divided, place in an ungreased baking dish skin side up; bake 30 minutes, flip, and continue baking until flesh is tender but still holds its form.

While the squash is roasting, combine apples, butter, cinnamon, and maple syrup in a bowl before spreading on an un-greased baking sheet and roasting at 400 degrees f for about 20 minutes or until both apples and squash have softened to an irresistibly caramelized state.

This recipe is easy and delicious! Perfect as an accompaniment for many different meals or as an entree alternative, or served alone as a vegetarian side dish!

Apple cider-Dijon vinaigrette adds an appealing tart flavor to this meal, pairing perfectly with the spicy filling ingredients. Kale is also an ideal pairing that adds another dimension. We suggest serving this dish alongside Hasselback pork tenderloin, beef stew and honey garlic pork chops for maximum impact!

Fillings for wraps are quick, easy, and versatile – they can even be prepared up to two days ahead of time! Plus they’re an excellent way to use up leftover grains or greens that may have gone uneaten during the week!

If you plan to make this recipe ahead of time, be sure to individually wrap each portion in foil before storing in the refrigerator – this will prevent it from drying out while it sits there!

This recipe makes an amazing side for any holiday meal or can serve as an easy snack all by itself! Pairing this dish with red wine adds even more depth of flavor; we suggest trying a medium body Zinfandel which complements its apple, cinnamon and thyme-flavored delights perfectly.


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