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Sauteed Carrots Recipe

Carrots make for an effortless side dish to almost any dinner meal – they require only minimal ingredients and preparation time, taking just 20 minutes from start to finish!

Sauteed carrots are an easy, tasty side dish perfect for any weeknight dinner or holiday feast! Enjoy them alongside rice for the best mealtime experience.


Sauteed carrots make an easy, crowd-pleaser side dish that takes less time and ingredients than air frying or roasting, with just four components required! Plus they’re healthy – ideal for vegan diets!

As part of this recipe, it’s crucial that you use quality olive oil. This will ensure that your vegetables become tender without becoming soggy or disintegrate altogether. Also, cut carrots into equal sizes so they will all cook at an equal rate; otherwise one piece could end up under- or overcooked!

Finally, be sure to wash your carrots carefully. This will remove any nooks that might harbour dirt while also guaranteeing they are free from bacteria.

Additionally, make sure that any excess stems are trimmed off, as this will ensure uniform carrots that can easily be cut into strips for cutting purposes.

Slicing carrots on a diagonal into thin, 1/4-inch slices is ideal, so that they can easily be added to the pan with garlic butter for cooking without any issues.

This process should only take a few minutes; be sure to stir the carrots occasionally while they cook.

After they are finished, you can add your desired herbs and seasonings for added flavor – fresh thyme, rosemary or parsley can add extra zest! Or for something even more robust try garlic powder onion powder red pepper flakes for even more zest!

Serve these sauteed carrots alone or pair them with other delicious sides such as baked boneless chicken thighs, soup or Air Fryer Twice Baked Potatoes for an exquisite meal! Add an extra sweetness with lemon juice, fresh parsley or dill leaves, maple syrup or honey drizzles or any combination thereof to enhance their flavors!

Sauteed carrots are an easy, quick side dish for any weeknight meal – pairing well with meat, poultry or seafood alike! Made ahead of time they can even be stored in the refrigerator up to five days!

Prep Time

Sauteed carrots make an easy, delicious side dish that complements most meals perfectly. Not only are they low in fat and calories, but their healthful properties also make them suitable for children as well as adults alike.

Carrots are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Additionally, carrots contain ample anti-oxidants and potassium which is crucial for keeping our bodies functioning at peak performance.

If you’re in the mood for something quick, easy, and healthy to cook on the stove top then why not give this sauteed carrots recipe a try. With various seasonings and herbs for extra flavorful carrots you’re bound to create something deliciously mouthwatering!

Before beginning, begin by thoroughly washing and scrubbing your carrots to rid them of dirt that may affect how they cook. Slice diagonally the carrots before placing them in a skillet with medium heat; cover it for five minutes so they steam while reducing cooking time.

As soon as the initial 5 minutes have elapsed, remove the cover and continue cooking for another two to three minutes while stirring every few minutes in order to ensure even cooking and prevent them from burning. This step ensures an even result and avoids burning altogether.

As the carrots cook, they will become fork tender. At that point, remove the cover from the pan and stir to evenly distribute all seasonings.

Step four can be skipped, but adding moisture helps your carrots retain both their texture and flavor better. Finally, finish it off by garnishing your dish with fresh herbs!

Step two in this sauteed carrots recipe involves combining all the ingredients. Melted or dairy free butter are suitable to saute carrots in, while keeping the pan moving is important for ensuring they don’t burn and turn into crispy textures.

Sauteeing carrots in a mixture of butter and brown sugar produces golden-hued carrots with caramelized edges, creating delicious sweet carrots. You could also add lemon juice for an additional citrusy twist.

Cook Time

Sauteed carrots are an easy and nutritious side dish to add to any dinner menu, perfect for quick weeknight meals. Also an efficient way of using up any extra produce lingering in your refrigerator, these delicious delights add both taste and nutrition. Pair them with meat for the full experience!

This easy sauteed carrots recipe uses just five ingredients and takes only 20 minutes to prepare! Perfect as a vegetarian side dish for weeknight or holiday dinners and pairs well with fish, chicken, or beef dishes!

To prepare sauteed carrots, begin by washing and peeling your carrots. Be sure to cut your peeler at a 45 degree angle so they’re easier to peel and dice; doing this also prevents the carrots from taking on any muddy flavors during sauteing.

Once carrots have been cleaned and cut into smaller, circular or half moon pieces, this helps ensure they cook more evenly without overcooking or undercooking certain parts.

Now, start by melting butter in a skillet over medium-high heat. As soon as it has started melting, add the carrots and stir thoroughly as soon as they start browning; once this has happened, stir in thyme and turmeric and continue cooking on high for 15 more minutes until everything is thoroughly mixed together and coated in butter.

Once your carrots have reached tenderness and have achieved a golden-brown hue, remove from the pan and garnish them with fresh thyme, if desired. Serve immediately!

If you’re searching for an easy and healthy vegetable side dish, these sweet and savory sauteed carrots should certainly make the cut! Made with butter and maple syrup for maximum sweetness and flavor – you won’t want to stop at just one! You won’t want more!

This quick and tasty side dish is not only gluten- and dairy-free, but can easily be made vegan butter if your diet does not include milk products.

Make this delicious side dish for Easter or any holiday and it is sure to be a hit! It is quick, easy, and flavorful all at the same time – sure to delight all in attendance.


Sauteed carrots make an easy and versatile side dish that pairs perfectly with many proteins, vegetarian meals and gluten-free diets.

When serving carrots, garnish them with lime or lemon juice, fresh parsley, dill and chives; maple syrup or honey glaze for extra texture and flavor; or serve alongside sour cream or creme fraiche for even more delicious texture and flavor!

Add flavorful flair by swapping out salt for soy sauce or toasted sesame seeds – these vegetables pair beautifully with Mexican and Asian-influenced dishes!

Prior to cooking carrots, make sure they are cut into equal sized pieces so they will cook uniformly without undercooking or overcooking any one section. This ensures an optimal result every time!

Add carrots, water, salt and pepper to a large pan or skillet and bring to a boil over high heat before turning down to low and covering and simmering for 6-7 minutes until a fork inserted into them reveals they have just reached tenderness without becoming soggy or soggy-textured.

Before adding in the butter and garlic, cook for another minute or until all of the water has evaporated. Finally, drizzle in balsamic vinegar and honey; mix to combine them and simmer for one more minute before preparing a final batch before serving.

Though you can make these carrots ahead, for optimal results they should be enjoyed soon after creation. Any leftovers can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to three days.

Make this vegan by opting for vegan butter or olive oil and including mushroom slices as part of this recipe. Doing so will provide an earthier and tastier meal!

This easy vegetable side dish can be prepared ahead of time, pairing well with all types of meat – from poultry and seafood to steak. Perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners! Reheat leftovers on either the stovetop or microwave. Also great served alongside biscuits or simple garden salad.

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