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Tequila Shot Recipes

Tequila is an award-winning Mexican spirit made from blue agave plants, and can add an exciting kick to a variety of drinks. Although great on its own, you can also use Tequila in cocktails.

One of the best ways to experience tequila is with a shot, though be mindful as most shots contain 75 to 100 proof alcohol.

Jalapeno Margarita

An spicy jalapeno margarita is the ideal drink when you want an unexpected heat rush in every sip. Made from sweet and tart flavors of tequila, lime juice and fresh jalapeno slices combined with the refreshing heat of orange liqueur for this irresistibly flavorful cocktail recipe.

This drink is an easy way to bring an extra spicy kick to any party, with its jalapeno-infused tequila giving a spicy kick while the sweetness from agave nectar adds balance for its spicy kick.

Muddle the jalapeno pepper with the tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice in a cocktail shaker before filling with ice and shaking until frosty. Strain into chilled and salted-rimmed glasses before garnishing with 2 slices of jalapeno peppers and one lime wedge.

This cocktail utilizes reposado-grade tequila, meaning that it has been aged in oak barrels. Furthermore, its presence of cognac gives this drink its distinct sweet flavour which sets it apart from standard margaritas.

Use either regular tequila or an infused variety for this cocktail recipe. Infused varieties can be stored for up to six months in an airtight container and add an extra flair.

This tequila shot is easy and deliciously different! Perfect for those who enjoy spicy cocktails. A wonderful alternative to classic cocktail drinks that will have everyone asking for more!

A skinny jalapeno margarita is the ideal refreshing and healthy summer drink, providing the ideal blend of spice and sweetness.

Cranberry-Orange Margarita

Cranberry juice, orange citrus flavors, and tequila come together perfectly in this festive Cranberry-Orange Margarita cocktail that is ideal for any holiday gathering. Enjoy!

Start this cocktail off right by creating the rims for each glass. Cut a slit into the edge of a lime wedge, run it around each glass’s rim, and dip the wedge rim-side down into a small bowl or plate with salt before using a spoon to push up against and twist up like a cookie cutter if necessary.

Once all of the ingredients have been assembled, combine tequila, triple sec, cranberry juice and orange juice in a shaker over ice. Close and shake vigorously until you see fine shards of ice forming at the top of your drink before pouring it into a rimmed glass with orange slices and fresh cranberries as garnish.

As an added festive touch, try garnishing your margarita with sugared cranberries – they add extra sweetness while providing an eye-catching pop of color!

If cranberries aren’t your cup of tea, orange slices make an excellent replacement. Frozen cranberries also work nicely!

Make this recipe your next frozen margarita for an equally smooth and balanced experience! A frozen margarita features less sweetness and slushiness than its classic counterpart; yet still tastes amazing. Simply prepare one batch in advance, store in the freezer, and remove just before you’re ready to serve it!

Bloody Maria

The Bloody Maria is a tasty variation on the classic Bloody Mary cocktail, consisting of a tequila shot with an unexpected spice kick that makes for the ideal drink at brunch or parties. Tomato juice, lemon or lime juice, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce and spices combine for this irresistible mix!

Garnishes make this drink an irresistibly Tex-Mex classic! Dill pickle, bacon, lemon slices, peppers and celery stalk are just some of the elements that elevate this cocktail to an iconic status.

This dish blends tomato juice, tequila, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco horseradish sauce and black pepper along with lemon juice, lime and vegetables into an exquisite combination of flavors. Hot honey may also add sweetness for an additional sweet note!

As ice water dilutes the ingredients, creating a runnier drink, it’s best to mix this cocktail without using it. If using ice, be sure to shake for at least a few seconds after mixing your cocktail so all juices can mix evenly before serving it.

Add chili powder and kosher salt for an extra spicy flair; old bay seasoning also works great as an enhancing ingredient when creating this drink.

To serve, place a slice of citrus wedge or some bacon pieces atop your Bloody Maria for added smokiness.

Dirty Maria Shooters are easy and delicious drinks perfect for anyone who appreciates tequila cocktails. A fun addition to any brunch, party or gathering and quick to prepare – even an inexperienced bartender can create these fun shooters! Give this drink a try now; you will love it!

Ginger Ale Margarita

Ginger Ale Margaritas are refreshing beverages made of tequila, ginger beer and citrus juice – perfect for sipping during any season of the year! Simple to create and perfect for warm-weather sipping!

This classic tequila shot recipe offers endless variations to make your shot unique. Try switching up your choice of tequila (reposado is aged in oak barrels for an earthier, richer taste, while blanco (not aged) provides more straightforward flavor).

Add fresh strawberries as garnish to this drink for an even more festive experience! They will enhance its fruity flavors while making for an eye-catching drink.

An alternative method of creating this drink is known as a “tequila boom boom.” Instead of pouring soda over ice, combine tequila and soda in an old-fashioned glass and cover it with a napkin before smashing it on the bar counter for maximum fizzing effects.

These tequila shots are great for parties or casual drinking sessions alike. Create them in a pitcher and serve them up in highball glasses!

Tequila and ginger beer may seem like an unlikely combination, but their refreshing and zesty combination creates a delectable cocktail! This simple tequila and ginger beer recipe will quickly become a household favourite!

Ginger Ale Margaritas are refreshing highball cocktails packed with ginger flavor and fizz, perfect for summer sipping or mixing as part of cocktail mixers at any party or brunch event.

Sunrise Shot

Tequila sunrises are among the most popular tequila shot recipes and are simple to prepare. Perfect for serving guests who may not be fans of tequila, as this drink offers more fruity and flavored variation of its classic cocktail form, they make great hosts or hostesses gifts!

A tequila sunrise is an irresistibly pretty cocktail made with tequila, orange juice, and grenadine syrup. The name derives from how its contents slowly sink to the bottom before slowly rising back up again, creating an exquisite sunrise effect that looks truly lovely.

Grenadine is a red syrup made of pomegranate juice and sugar that gives cocktails their iconic vibrant, juicy, sweet look. Thanks to the craft drinks movement, there are now excellent grenadine syrups made with real fruits rather than artificial colors or high fructose corn syrup!

Tequila is an integral component of tequila shots, adding its signature kick. Plus, its high Vitamin C content may help prevent and mitigate hangover effects.

Orange juice adds both sweetness and tartness, so opting for freshly squeezed juice over concentrate gives your drink an optimal, vibrant taste.

Once you have all of the ingredients ready, creating a tequila sunrise in a highball glass is simple. Pour your tequila, orange juice, grenadine syrup and ice cubes into the glass before stirring to mix smoothly until everything has blended evenly.

Finally, add an orange slice and maraschino cherry to complete your tequila sunrise drink for maximum impact. These flavors combine perfectly to produce an eye-catching cocktail that’s sure to dazzle guests at any event – alternatively you could substitute vodka in place of tequila in this recipe to achieve similar effects.

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