Vietnamese Peanut Sauce Recipe

Vietnamese peanut sauce makes an ideal accompaniment for freshly made spring rolls filled with vegetables, herbs and vermicelli noodles wrapped in rice paper.

This easy sauce recipe takes only minutes to put together and pairs well with Asian dishes of any sort. Enjoy its flavourful goodness on its own or pair it with another dish from Asia for maximum impact.


Vietnamese peanut sauce is made using simple ingredients and can be enjoyed as a dipping sauce, salad dressing or in other recipes. Plus it’s perfect for vegans and vegetarians as it does not contain any animal-derived products or ingredients!

This thick and creamy sauce pairs beautifully with spring rolls. Additionally, it’s excellent for dipping vegetables, noodles or even tofu!

Hoisin sauce, peanut butter and fresh garlic are the main components of this dish. If you want something spicy to spice it up a bit more, add Sriracha or sambal chile paste; or for an even sweeter sauce add sugar or coconut sugar as desired.

When creating the sauce, be sure to mix thoroughly so all the ingredients are evenly combined. If necessary, whisk in some water over a low heat until your desired consistency has been reached.

Once your sauce reaches your preferred consistency, conduct a taste test to adjust flavors if necessary and add additional chili peppers for more heat if you like a spicy bite!

Make this delicious recipe ahead of time and store it in an airtight container for up to one week in your fridge, taking it out a few hours prior to serving so it can soften a bit before you serve it!

At room temperature is ideal; reheating on the stove may also work. Before serving add some chopped peanuts for garnish and it will be ready to go!

Vietnamese peanut sauce is easy and versatile – use it to dip Vietnamese spring rolls, dress salads, or pair it with grilled meats!

Make this delicious peanut and hoisin sauce dish any time you feel the craving! Perfect for quick dinners or light lunches; also makes an excellent side dish when served alongside rice! Super flavorful and creamy texture will have everyone asking for seconds!

Prep Time

Vietnamese peanut sauce is an easy, savory-sweet dipping sauce you can whip up quickly in minutes, perfect for dipping spring rolls, noodles and salads – or making ahead and keeping in your refrigerator until needed for another meal! It keeps for up to a day before it needs to be used again.

Vietnamese Peanut Sauce RecipeThis easy Vietnamese peanut sauce recipe is a one-step affair that will become the star of your Asian dinner parties and grain bowls! Creamy with sweet undertones and a spicy kick – what more could you want from an accompaniment?!

It only takes five minutes to make this delicious dip and it reheats well, making it the ideal solution for busy weeknights. Also great as an on-hand snack or dip when needed at any time!

Ingredients in this peanut sauce are simple and accessible, so you don’t need to feel uncertain when attempting it yourself. Its bold, tangy flavors pair nicely with subtle sweet undertones provided by Sriracha and garlic for an exciting culinary experience!

Combine all of the sauce ingredients except water in a medium-sized mixing bowl. Gradually whisk in 1 tablespoon at a time of water until you achieve your desired texture (thicker for dipping or thinner for drizzling).

If your peanut butter is becoming difficult to mix, microwaving it for 10 seconds before mixing can help soften and break it up before you add other ingredients (this step is particularly beneficial if using lighter coconut milk such as lite).

Once your desired consistency is reached, add chopped peanuts. Although optional, adding texture and visual appeal with chopped peanuts adds texture and visual interest.

Instead of sugar, use non-nutritive sweeteners such as honey or agave nectar instead. Also try swapping out peanut butter with almond or cashew butter as dairy-free and low-fat alternatives.

Vietnamese peanut sauce is an irresistibly flavorful accompaniment for fresh spring rolls, easily prepared and stored in the fridge ready for your next meal. A tasty yet straightforward recipe, Vietnamese peanut sauce will add plenty of zesty flair to any dish you eat.

Cook Time

Vietnamese peanut sauce is an effortless dipping sauce perfect for Vietnamese spring rolls, coming together quickly in less than 10 minutes and can also be used on noodles, salads or as an Asian food appetizer dip.

For a thicker sauce, simply add more water. You can even opt for low fat coconut milk if desired to make this recipe completely plant-based!

Your choice of peanut butter will also have an impact on how creamy the sauce turns out; smooth is ideal, while chunky can give more velvety textures.

Add heat with sambal chile paste, or kick with Sriracha sauce if you want more spice in this traditional Vietnamese dipping sauce for fresh spring rolls.

Saute garlic over medium-high heat until it turns browned and aromatic for maximum flavor and sweetness in your sauce. This will bring additional depth of flavor and sweetness.

As soon as the ingredients have been combined, blend in a small slurry of cornstarch and water until your desired sauce texture has been reached. Let the sauce sit at room temperature for 15 minutes prior to refrigerating so it may soften and become creamy again.

Vietnamese peanut sauce is an exciting way to add extra flair and variety to any dish! Perfectly complementing Asian classics such as spring rolls, noodles and rice bowls – and also makes great leftovers that can be frozen before being defrosted when needed! For optimal results use small portions in small containers and microwave them slightly before scooping out for serving – its combination of tart sweetness will bring flavorful enjoyment!

Total Time

Looking for an easy dipping or dressing sauce recipe? Vietnamese peanut sauce is an easy solution! Simply combine peanut butter and hoisin sauce in less than 10 minutes for restaurant-quality condiment that will elevate any meal or appetizer spread!

Creamy texture and delicious umami flavor combine in this versatile condiment for Asian cuisine, making it the ideal base to layer on spring rolls, noodles or salads.

To create Vietnamese peanut sauce, you’ll need a few key ingredients: cornstarch, hoisin sauce, peanut butter and red chili pepper (optionally with some extra spice like sambal chile paste for an extra kick).

This sauce is truly the star of this show, combining several of the best elements of Asian cuisine: its vibrant hue and delicious flavor combine effortlessly into something truly remarkable! Perfect as an easy side for meatless Monday crispy tofu or blackened tuna over Asian salad.

Making and storing this sauce ahead of time and keeping it in the refrigerator for up to one week is straightforward and simple! Simply allow it to sit at room temperature for 15 minutes prior to using as this will allow the peanut butter to emulsify into velvety sauce again! Additionally, this sauce works wonderfully when heated over low heat or as part of stir fry sauce for noodles or topping for fried rice!

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